Visit to Children Cancer Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

The CCH is one of the causes supported by the Rehma Fund. We were deeply impressed by the dedication of the highly trained and skilled staff. Instead of working at institutions where they could probably command higher salaries, they choose to serve their communities by helping to treat underprivileged children suffering from cancer. The founder, Dr Shamvil, has built the hospital from a 1-room operation to the 43-bed institution it is today. Compassionate healthcare ultimately depends on caring, motivated medical staff who believe in treating their patients with kindness, and it was obvious that everyone there truly cared about the children under their care.

Sameer met with a little girl in a bright red dress. She was dressed up because she was going home after several months in the hospital. She was finally in remission and was overjoyed. For this little girl and her family, there is a happy ending. It would be a truly beautiful thing if we could do our part to make more happy endings possible