Supported Causes

Vietnam Vascular Anomalies Center


The Vietnam Vascular Anomalies Center (VAC) in Saigon, Vietnam provides free medical care to underserved children suffering from severe disfiguring vascular birth defects. For many of these children, such highly visual conditions are considerable social and psychological stigmas that severely limit their ability to interact with society. Set up by a group of Boston-based physicians with their Vietnamese counterparts, the VAC cures these children and gives them a chance at a normal, stigma-free life.

The Rehma Fund aims to support an annual, two-month fellowship in pediatric dermatology for a visiting Vietnamese physician. They will be able to apply their enhanced expertise to improving the level of medical care for children treated at the center.

Most dermatologists in Vietnam are trained to treat adult patients. There is an important unmet medical need to train specialists to care for children with skin disorders. Ultimately, we believe it is vital to support the training and education of pediatric healthcare providers committed to treating underserved children, to ensure a sustainable model of healthcare.